Reserved Listing for Maryjane-Brushed Brown Leather Triple wrap bracelet


Reserved listing ordered by Maryjane.  Please do not purchase if you are not her and did not order this. Thank you!

Handmade item

  • Bracelet length: custom made to fit your length (need your wrist measurement); Bracelet width: 5 Millimeters
  • Materials: 5mm leather, boho style, magnetic clasp, triple wrap, boho, leather, brushed brown leather, copper clasp, copper hardware
  • Closure: Magnetic

Made from quality 5 mm  leather using lovely copper slides and a copper magnetic clasp. Super cool and easy to manage with the magnetic clasp.

Made in my bead studio in Madison, WI.

I will custom make to fit your wrist; you will need to provide your wrist measurement and size desired (if you have a 6.5 wrist then also tell me how large you want final size) Typically, if the triple wrap bracelet is 21 inches, (for example) you would divide the 21 inch length by 3 (triple wrap) and it would give you approximately a 7 inch final bracelet size. Not “wrist size”.  So you must decide what the desired looseness will be…..1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ etc and I will add this amount to your wrist measurement.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:  I cannot shorten or lengthen your bracelet once I make it.  So please carefully measure and provide wrist size and final desired size! 

Thank you!

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